What We Can Do For You

From basic website setup and creation to dynamic sites and custom graphics, we at 460 Website Design can do just about anything you want...as long as its legal and within reason. To give you a better idea, this page has been broken down into some of the major catergories of services provided by 460 Website Design.

How we make a webpage

There are four main facets of webpage design: analysis, construction, upkeep, and hosting. To give you a better idea on how 460 Website Design creates and/or maintains you webpage, we will look at each step individually.



Analysis is the first step in the webpage creation process.  It is where we find out from you what you would like your webpage to do, who is your target audience, what you would like your site to look like, and any other special considerations that need to be kept in mind.  This is the most crucial part of web page design because if the proper message of how you want your site is not relayed, most likey your site will not look they way you want it.  Even though it would be to everyone's advantage, 460 Website Design does not currently have any mind readers on staff, therefore communication between 460 Website Design and you is key.



Construction is where 460 Website Design actually builds your site.  The first step is a draft of the site which will be submitted to you for approval.  If anything was missed during the analysis phase, most of it will become visible here.  When a final copy is approved upon, it will be moved out to a web hosting provider on the World Wide Web for everyone to see.



Upkeep is the second most important step in the development of  a website. If information is not kept current on your website, most likely people will not frequent it. Upkeep issues will be discussed one on one in the analysis phase.



Hosting deals with the actual physical location of the pages that make up your site. Many ISPs [Internet Service Providers] include a limited amount of webspace to their clients along with their basic services. We will discuss your budget and needs during the analysis phase to find the best fit solution as to where to host your site. In the meantime, we'll give you a bit of a head start on the discussion:

Domain Names

A domain name is the plaintext alias of your site's IP address (e.g. 460design.com -> If you do not have a domain name and wish to obtain one for your site, we will discuss your options in the analysis phase. As a standard practice, we put forth our regular registrar ServInt Domains which are priced at $10/year.


Custom Graphics

Whether its from scratch graphic creation or manipulation of your existing images, the 460 Website Design team can do it, with a little help from Adobe Photoshop™ and Macromedia Fireworks™.


Dynamic Webpages

Dynamic pages are those which utilize forms and databases for user specific or event driven output. These will be discussed individually in the analysis phase.